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Gospel for Kids

Seeds of the FutureSeeds of the Future is a gospel for kids in the Spiritist Society of Ireland aiming to pass the fundamentals of the Spiritist Philosophy to children, focusing on raising good citizens. In our group we, time to time, promote speeches for parents, parents with siblings are invited to participate with children in our Sunday Kids Gospel. Moreover, we try to promote family friendly events in most of our events, and mothers with babies are more than welcome to our Sunday Public Meetings, to watch some of the lectures and not to feel ashamed because babies might be a bit agitated. We are in constant development and aiming for improvements! If you have some comments or suggestions that could help us to improve, please, feel free to contact us!

You can find us at the same address of our activities, every Sunday Public Meeting. During the speeches, we teach the children the wonderful teachings of God and Jesus. The kids gospel is divided into two groups: Little Seeds (2-4 years old) and Popping Seeds (5 -8 years old). Mum&Baby gospel is coming soon, once a month.

Kids GospelLittle Seeds group is for siblings from 2 to 4 years old. Our Montessori teacher Janaina Oliveira plans the lessons for kids to learn through play. Our dear volunteers conduct the lessons, making it to even funnier!



SSI Kids GospelPopping seeds group is for children from 5 to 8 years old. In this group we still learning through play, however the activities are in accordance with the age development.




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