Spiritism Ireland


  • 15th International Spiritist Council Meeting

    Spiritist Society of Ireland was honored to host the 15th International Spiritist Council Meeting on the weekend of 12th June! There have been an opening speech on Friday 12th with Jean-Paul Evrard talking about the proposal of the Spiritist Doctrine for the Education of Mankind. Then on Saturday and Sunday three important events, the 15th […]

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  • Let’s talk about the Plurality of Worlds…Let’s see a little bit more…

    The Universe is at the same time, an immensurable mechanism, triggered by a countless number of intelligences, and a huge government in which every intelligence being has its share of action under the eye of the sovereign Lord, whose will only keep everywhere the unit. (Allan Kardec, Genesis) How many times did we hear about […]

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  • Special talk with Divaldo Franco

    Once again, SSI receives with great honour, our special guest Divaldo Franco. Divaldo will talk about “The four giants of the soul: Routine, Fear, Anxiety and Loneliness”. Please use this link to book your seat. It is a free entry event, although we ask for a donation of €5 to help us with the event […]

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  • Special talk with Andrei Moreira

    Hi everyone! We will have a very special speech this Sunday. Andrei Moreira will talk about Homosexuality From the Point of View of the Immortal Spirit. It will be at Central Hotel Dublin at 16:00. Hope to see you there!

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  • 1st European Spiritist Life Philosophy Meeting

    1st European Spiritist Life Philosophy Meeting organized by: International Spiritist Council Oficyna Wydawnicza Rivail (Polish Spiritist Publishing House) The meeting will occur on 25-27 April 2014 in Cracow (Poland). All talks and workshops will be delivered in English which is the meeting’s main language. Please find more details and reserve your ticket here. What about getting to know […]

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